Handy Shammy Cloths


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Heavy-duty shammies are a must-have for home, office, janitorial services, churches, schools, and more! Orange shammy holds 5 times its weight in liquid and is ideal for drying wet pets, drying your car, and picking up spills and stains. Plus, they’re reusable… just wash in warm water and hang to dry. Case includes 48 – 20×13½” Handy Shammy™ cloths


Case Quantity: 48
Brand: Handy Shammy ™
Case Comes Assorted: Yes
Assortment Details: 20×13½” Handy Shammy Cloths.
Assortment by Style/Color: Even Assortment
Colors: Orange
Width: 20 in.
Length: 13.5 in.